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7 Benefits of a Commercial Energy Audit

June 7, 2022
technician inspecting pipes

An energy audit provides important information regarding your building’s energy usage and efficiency. Find out how your business can benefit from scheduling an energy audit today!

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6 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Consider Air Purification

May 19, 2022
people dining in restaurant

The hospitality industry has had to rethink how to protect their customers while keeping their doors open during the pandemic. We know that an HVAC system could potentially help spread disease, but what if you could use your HVAC to combat this spread?

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How to Sanitize the Air in Small Offices

March 6, 2022
Office workers at their desks

The small confines of a workspace, like a doctor’s or dentist’s office, can create an environment that’s detrimental to one’s health. With a small office, a person who is sick can quickly spread their germs to others with a sudden cough or sneeze. Combat this problem by improving your building’s air quality.

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