Our Partners

At General and Mechanical Services (GMS) of Maryland, we don’t manufacture our own products. This gives us the ability to remain vendor neutral and ensures we provide open and honest advice when it comes to choosing a solution that works for our customers. As a result of this, we have been chosen over some of our larger competitors to work with a number of marquee companies and government organizations nationwide to build and service their mission-critical infrastructure systems.

We do, however, maintain ongoing partner relationships with specific manufacturers so we can continue to provide the best possible prices to our customers.


GMS is a certified Mitsubishi Diamond Commercial Contractor. We can help you solve the toughest HVAC challenges including occupant comfort, design and energy efficiency.

The Time for VRF is Now

The need for energy efficient HVAC systems has never been greater. As efficiency standards continue to become more stringent, VRF provides a solution that leaves conventional HVAC systems struggling to catch up.

All Types of Buildings

The needs of your building dictate the type of HVAC system you can consider. The flexibility and efficiency of VRF make it a great choice for virtually any application.
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