Data Center Power & Cooling in Maryland

Assuring Uptime with Energy-Efficient Data Center Cooling and Infrastructure Solutions

Data processing and storage demands have soared to the point where today’s data center operators are presented with considerable heat removal challenges from the hardware they need to run their businesses. Computers in a data center work 24/7 and get exceptionally hot. Sophisticated cooling systems need to be applied for these computers to continue working without overheating. GMS designs, installs and maintains data center cooling systems, energy solutions, uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and other data center infrastructure solutions.

Changes in temperature and humidity can have dire consequences for mission critical equipment. An effective and innovative data center cooling system can help manage these cooling and airflow issues. General & Mechanical Services (GMS) is able to provide valuable insight into the latest data center cooling methods. By utilizing these innovative cooling solutions companies can reduce data center energy costs and reclaim a large chunk of their power and utility budget.

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GMS can work with you to design, install and maintain cost-effective, energy-efficient data center cooling solutions.

Energy Efficiency

Maximize your investment and decrease your data center’s power & utility costs.

Climate Control

Get effective control over the climate and airflow in your data center and assure uptime 24/7.

Humidity Control

Protect delicate equipment in your data center from moisture and humidity.

Data Center Cooling Solutions

Supplemental CRAC units

Supplemental computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units are a cost-effective, reliable and scalable solution for managing the temperature, air distribution and humidity in your data center. Heat removal methods include:

  • Air cooled system
    Typically small to medium sized IT applications
  • Glycol / water cooled system
    Typically moderate to high availability IT requirements
  • Chilled water system
    Typically moderate to high availability IT requirements

Efficient & Scalable In-Row Cooling

A high precision data center cooling solution which places the cooling unit between the server cabinets in hot and cold aisle configurations to deliver cool air to the data center equipment more effectively. This solution provides better reliability and serviceability over traditional room-based systems, alongside improved energy efficiency. In-row units also take up less space allowing more room for IT equipment and making them suitable for almost any location.

Data Center Monitoring & Reporting

Data center monitoring and reporting tools allow you to manage a large number of interdependent components centrally and remotely. If your data center goes down, your business can suffer so being able to track real time performance is vital. Not only do you need to monitor your data center equipment, but also the equipment that supports it, including mechanical cooling equipment. Reporting tools allow the system to trigger alerts when something unusual occurs and makes the data easier to interpret.

Modular Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System Installation & Service

In a data center where reliability is key, a single UPS can be a point of failure so a modular UPS and battery approach provides flexible and adaptable power and redundancy. Generally used in a rack type enclosure, a modular design allows for lower cost hot swappable capabilities for when more power is required or greater redundancy is needed within the data center.

Spot Cooler Rental

Efficient, portable cooling units designed for business and often used to provide additional cooling in a data center when existing cooling isn’t adequate or to provide temporary cooling during emergencies.

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