Energy Efficient Condensing Boiler Replacement


Government Facility


This mechanical project involved the removal of an existing Smith Boiler and its replacement with three slim design commercial, efficient condensing boilers from RBI. The customer chose these boilers because they are environmentally-friendly and meet green building certifications. The timeline was very tight, GMS had one month to mobilize, order, receive the equipment and perform the installation work. The scope of work included:

  • Lockout/tagout of the existing boiler unit to make it safe to work on and isolation of the domestic cold water make up, gas, breeching, and domestic hot water piping.
  • Rigging services to allow for the removal of the existing boiler and its safe disposal.
  • Installation of new concrete equipment pads to accommodate the three new boilers.
  • Installation of the three RBI Flexcore Series, Model CK1000 Stainless Firetube Condensing Boilers.
  • Furnish and installation of all pipe, valves, and fittings necessary to connect the new condensing boilers and integrate into the customer’s existing system.
  • Furnish and installation of new boiler circulating pumps.
  • Insulation of all new pipe, valves, and fittings and labeling of the new piping systems.
  • Powering up of new boilers, re-using disconnects, breakers, and wire. Start up of boilers and performance of pre-functional tests to ensure proper operation.

The GMS team and our suppliers came together in a fantastic effort to get this project installed within a 30 day timeline.