Reopen your Business Safely by Using UV Light to Disinfect Your Facility

Hospitals, airports, hotels and schools are using UV light sanitization in their HVAC systems to kill 99% of airborne organisms, including bacteria and viruses like the coronavirus.

How Does Using UV Light to Disinfect Help Combat Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is highly susceptible to germicidal UV irradiation - greater than 3 times compared to the influenza (common cold) virus. When UV light is harnessed for sanitizing, the process eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses by modifying and destroying their genetic material (DNA/RNA) preventing further replication. The proper dose of ultraviolet light is key.

Our team of experts use the latest technology to analyze spatial constraints, airflow volume, speed, temperature and UV device geometry and intensity to deliver the highest kill rates.

Using UV light to disinfect offers an added layer of protection for your office, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, or any suitable setting.

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HVAC Unit UV Lighting

In-duct air disinfection system provides airstream kill rates up to 99%.

Luminair Cleanse Troffer

Air sanitizing LED ceiling fixture kills common airborne pathogens.

Cleanse Portal

Free-standing walk-through portal effectively inactivates over 90% contaminants.

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