3D Scanning

New 3D Scanning Services save time and money

New 3-dimensional scanning technology allows us to model an entire building and its interior workings, with just one unit, in one day, using one man.  Compared with the old method of two dimensions using a tape measure, a pen, and countless hours of labor, 3D scanning services are much more accurate, reliable and can save you time and money. The data we collect can be used for a multitude of applications like as-builts, quality control, scheduling, prefabrication and much more.

How Does it Work?

We perform a scan on site

Conditions are converted into a cloud of data points

Data points are uploaded into a 3D model

Applications of 3D Models Include

  • To generate plans for engineering, design, or as-built records
  • To replicate identical custom parts for replacement or duplication
  • To reduce change orders by checking for interferences in the existing conditions prior to construction
  • To prefabricate complex piping systems to improve quality management and minimize defects and errors in the field
  • To design “add on” mechanical systems and piping

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